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I am a photographer, designer and IT guy, based in Hamilton, New Zealand since 2007. I have over 30 years experience in both photography and computers. My IT career led me to work across a wide spectrum of industries and from 2-man operations up to Fortune-500 companies … in South Africa, the USA and NZ. My photography took a professional turn early on, developing in parallel to my IT career. While living in the USA I completed the NYIP course in Professional Photography.

Increasingly allergic to Windows, I have moved to Linux for all my daily computing work and photographic workflow. I prefer Canon EOS cameras though for a carry-around I have smaller Sony and Panasonic compacts, one being waterproof.

In the film days I was in the Pentax camp, their PK mount opened a world of possibilities back then. My first digital camera was a Sony Mavica in 1998. There I was, bravely saving VGA images to a 3.5" diskette, when most people were still taking their film into the chemical laundry for washing.

Then in 2001 I moved from film to an Canon EOS 10D - when 6MP became 'like film' - and haven't looked back. At this point, several EOS cameras have reached their retirement, but the (good) glass keeps moving along.