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Until WW2 a 'computor' was a person employed to do calculations. That is why computers were so named as this was the first work they did - automate a huge pile of tedious code-cracking maths! Computers then became a standard tool for businesses and banks, escaping the confines of research and campuses. Once shrunk down in size and popularized in the 1980's for the home, the general purpose computer invaded our office desks and homes (and nowadays our pockets & wrists). Today with the internet the world is now but a click away.

Almost too easy a click away.. today we face a connected world which trades privacy for convenience. Surveillance is the price of 'ease', Facebook and Windows 10 are prime examples. Which is why people should inform themselves before accepting "terms & conditions" on a website / service, and should seriously consider which operating system to use, besides being wise about posting online. Just how blasé / conditioned people have become, you can read about on »ArsTechnica. And on a lighter note, »UPI.
And here is why you should read before you 'agree': »Register (18-Aug-2017)>. And then what I have been saying for many years becomes a reality, people awaken in shock and it is very creepy: »gizmodo - read some of the comments too!

My Path

I hopped on the IT bandwagon around 1982, graduated from university in 1988 and got busy on a career path. I got into databases (Informix 4GL) and big back-end Unix systems, supporting various industries and a wide range of clients and employers.

And by range, I mean range! From 2-man bands to Fortune 500, from pure research through manufacturing, insurance, tech, retail, transport and telecomms. And exposure along the way to almost every variant of Unix - SCO, Sinix, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, DEC / Compaq and much etcetera - from a software and systems developer and many times too a DBA and sysadmin role.

Linux is a natural fit for me as it is 99% familiar good ol' Unix. I have gravitated to »LinuxMint as it offers me an excellent experience. I can get my work done without drama or missing parts.

If you have an IT challenge and some lovely *nix iron about, please do contact me. I would love to get my hands in under the hood and solve operational problems!