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Design and creativity are a way of life. It is so cool to look online and see the massive heaps of talent on display. Sometimes I feel "so what do I know and what can I contribute?" Each to their own - I may not sing, dance or paint, but I can create with photography and coding, even create some graphics such as logos.

I have found the keys are: (i) simple is better than complex (see the »Zen of Python), and (ii) aim to create a user experience with a least-surprises interface. That applies to everything - coding, systems, database design, websites, imaging or graphic designs.

Everyone is born (somewhat) creative, most of us have allowed the 'education system' to silence the creative within …and yet they say true creativity is very, very rare.

This website is the N-th generation of something that started in 1996 when I was first introduced to HTML and the web. Design and layout have come a long way with Javascript, CSS, HTML5 and now things need to work on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones - which is called "responsive design."

Over the years I've created lots of websites, ranging across internal company sites, personal and small business sites, church and youth sites. Often I land up doing the works - the "coding", any photography and all the graphics, plus the layout framework. And often, webmaster (maintainer).

More "graphic design" projects (still involving photography) have included calendars, music CD art layouts and numerous smaller tasks. Some of these were leisurely done with much planning, some completed and executed as mad rush jobs with tight timelines.

For your design needs, just contact me.