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I generally design websites that are (deceptively) simple and often hand over the ongoing editing to the owner. Too many (most) web design businesses stay in business by locking the customer in - for a fee they will organise the domain name registration, provide or arrange hosting, create the website, and do edits (often for an additional cost). And don't you ever try to leave their service, thank you!

My point of difference is that I don't have to do web design to pay the rent or put food on the table. Its "jam money". Also not locking clients into one-sided deals stems from an ethic I developed early on in my photography: "Your wedding, your negatives, here you go." So now likewise, it is your website - I can help you find registration and hosting, then you give me FTP access and I will "do my thing" working with you to create the content. To maintain it going forward, we can talk.

As of 2018 I can even host your site! This came about when two of my clients' sites collapsed as the hosting provider vanished. One client did their own thing, one waited for me to pick up the pieces. Yes, I did glue Humpty Dumpty together again, better than before!
Obviously, New Zealand sites are preferred and most cost effective.

Over time many of the websites that I built have long vanished or been superceded. Some sites have short lives of a few years, others go on and on for much longer, suitably updated and evolving over time.

I reviewed some "ancient works" and more recent projects to show here. Many older sites still worked perfectly on a modern browser as I had stuck to well-established standards. It was also a trip down memory lane looking at my own site as it had evolved over the years!

Here are a few examples:

Design templates are often copies from the evolution of my own website:

For your web design needs, just contact me.