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Q: Are you on: Facebook | Twitter | Flikr | Snapchat…?
A: No, I don't have time for "social media". I realize that leaves me in the 1% who aren't "on social media", but I prefer it that way. I think social media is addictive, a huge waste of time, and a massive breach of our (everybody's) privacy. Cook yer own goose, but I just ain't goin there.
I am not alone in the opinion that »“prevention is better than cure

Q: Can you recommend me a camera? / Should I buy camera X?
A: Its the operator, not the tools. Pick something that suits your skills and your budget. Don't overbuy! Read reviews and then choose - using the resources on »DPreview or »CameraDecision. You must watch this video from »SLR Lounge (Youtube). Plus a bonus about the megapixel marketing race: »Vec Videos (Youtube).

Q: Can you take photos for us at ______(event/occasion)?
A: Sure, contact me to discuss.

Q: But its a charity event / we don't have money…
A: Please read this article on »PetaPixel or this duzi on »DIYP! No money, no clicks.

Q: Are the images online the only ones you sell?
A: No, I have thousands of images from years of doing this. Contact me and we can go from there.

Q: Would you consider an IT position / project?
A: Yes. Contact me to discuss. RDBMS, ETL and prototyping are my thing, on your Linux/Unix environments. (shell, C, Perl, Python, SQL).

Q: Windows?
A: Brian Lunduke says you should be fired. No, really he does: »networkworld.com. And I agree.

Q: Do you design websites like this one?
A: Yes, contact me to discuss. Please note that I do not do shopping carts, kit-built (Wordpress, PHPbb) or those sprawling 8,000 page "database-driven" CMS sites.

Q: Do you design logos, letterheads, posters, CD covers and the like?
A: Yes, contact me to discuss.

Q: Can I download your Linux Mint wallpapers?
A: They're in the distro repositories. Or, depending on the purpose, contact me to discuss further.

Q: Can we use your images as wallpapers in our distro?
A: Contact me. Distro has got be be pretty wonderful though!

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