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I am a photographer, designer and Linux fundi living in Hamilton, New Zealand. You can read more about my main areas of interest:


Jul 2019
• Oh Canon, you darling bungling ____! Nothing apart from the newest Adobe DNG Converter (Win/Mac-only) and Canon's own proprietary DPP (Win/Mac-only) software supports CR3. Camera - fantastic. Workflows - broken. Workarounds - in progress.
• In Linux news, Debian 10 was released. This will trickle down into future versions of Ubuntu, Mint and many others. There have been some hard-to-debug regressions from the Debian upstream. For example: »random system freeze-ups which I have experienced too. Mint 19.2 (beta released 14 July) and Mint 20 will be very closely scrutinised!
• Finally, a go-live with the new website, on schedule! Many old components and content, but a lot new too. This was bit of a 'clean slate' exercise.

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