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Jan 2020
• Windows 7 support has ended, so two articles: »Why Win7 users should move to Linux and also »Best 5 Linux distros for Windows users.
• An update on 'rename.' I prefer the Debian way, the other one is lacking in features (to put it gently). You can add the real rename to a non-Debian system using its full name: 'perl-rename.'
• Someone sent me Apple phone photos in »HEIF format. I saw online that Krita and GiMP 2.10 can read them, as can a few other leading Linux packages. In practice though… YMMV.
Another line has been drawn in the sand between several distros this day. Further this led to me discovering two separate continents in Linuxland regarding the 'rename' command (Debian vs Everyone Else).
• Manjaro got DarkTable 3.0.0, Mint still lags on 2.6.3 even with Flatpak. Also noting the differences between GiMP 2.8 and 2.10. In Mint GiMP 2.10 is on Flatpak, but I had strange problems last time I tried it. I have my main rig running very smoothly on Mint 19.3. The Arch side is becoming very tempting as these two pieces of software are my daily focus.
• The fires in Australia are apocalyptic, the smoke affects our NZ skies some 2,000 km away. On some days you could even smell the smoke!

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