Jan Kaluza photography & design

I am a photographer and designer based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

'Bokeh' describes the aesthetic quality of the blur.

I've been involved with Unix and later Linux since 1990. I've been taking photos for at least 15 years longer than that. In the film days I had Pentax kit, was an early adopter of digital with a Sony Mavica - yes the one with a 3.5" diskette and horrid 640x480 pixel JPG files. I moved to Canon, but also use Panasonic for a daily carry. The EOS equipment gets used for more purposeful work, though many of my favourites are taken on the seemingly lesser cameras. I shoot landscapes, macro and almost anything. I used to do weddings (too stressful as I get older) and still make portraits or passport shots. I design websites and graphics, logos, book covers. I try to re-use computers, especially with Linux where I recommend Mint (derived from Debian and Ubuntu) and also run Manjaro and Reborn (of the Arch Linux family) for myself. With my IT background in systems and databases, I have worked in Pascal, C, Fortran, SQL, Informix 4GL, Oracle, mySQL, Perl and Python - to mention a few. Linux Mint have featured some of my images as wallpapers.