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Offers and Services

Firstly I offer photographic services at a reasonable rate. Portrait and studio work, passport photos and the like. Naturally this applies within a reasonable radius of Hamilton, NZ.

Also I can help with some computer issues, even on Mac or Windows. I will of course try to convince you to switch to Linux. I can do some repairs and even data recovery, like from camera SD cards or laptop drives.

Websites are also on the menu. I can help you find reliable and affordable hosting and create uncomplicated websites. The designs mostly are some variation of this website as it represents my most recent working template. Simple, fast, no shopping carts, logins or spyware.

Last but not least, prints and canvasses of my images are for sale. These are, for practical puposes, limited to New Zealand as shipping any large items between countries becomes costly.

For any of the above, please use the contact form.

Prints & Canvasses

If you see an image on the website that inspires you, I can make photo prints, canvas or faux canvas for you. There are always a few prints and faux canvas pieces in stock. Pick-ups and gallery visits can be arranged. The A2 prints come with either a black or white (depending on availablity) display frame.

Prices in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Shipping is 25 on top anywhere in New Zealand. I would have to first get a quote before shipping anything outside of NZ. To place an order, just use the contact page, provide your contact info and specify which item(s) you want. I will reply with banking info, you pay, and then I ship - easy.

¤ 30x30cm / 12x12" 🏷 49 ea

These make a lovely triptych, discounted to 129 if sold together. And as they are 360° worlds, which edge is "up" is entirely your choice.

¤ 40x50cm / 16x20" 🏷 89 ea

¤ 50x76cm 20x30" 🏷 129 ea
[20x30 by Moon] [20x30 Abstract]

¤ A2 framed prints 🏷 49 ea
[A2 John] [A2 Revelation] [detail]