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Q3 of 2021

Despite so many visits that I've lost count, a few coastal spots and some of the streams still see me return and find fresh images. Rocks erode, rocks move, trees grow or fall down. Running water, along with the forests around them, and rocky shores draw and inspire me.

This set of images are presented in my 'simulated film rebate' format. I sometimes print a bunch of these with white borders on 4x6". They create a physical copy, beyond just the digital file on screen.

I am thinking of offering small packs of say 6 such prints, or a limited edition run of larger prints (without the rebate borders/data) or canvases. Maybe I could put out a small photo book of the 'under-appreciated' creeks and streams around where I live. Contact me and let me know what you think.

Jul/Aug - Creeks & Forests (and coastal bonus)