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[photo] Client Images

From time to time I will make available images so people can download copies suitable for posting or email. These may often be watermarked. Full-blown shopping carts and online ordering services are expensive, so whereas the industry standard is about $15 for a 4x6" print I can most often ask $3 or less by keeping costs down.

I'm not putting any "locks" on the images or folders as that merely provides lock-picking practice for those elements. Please do not directly link to images here as the content will not be kept online for any long period of time. Please note the expiry date near the top of a client image page.

Some points to consider regarding (event) photos made available here:

Please read this »article (security.net) - which is barely the tip of a very large iceberg… read more about it on the computers page.

For further enquiries, just contact me.