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[Mint] My Mint Wallpapers

I have had the privilege of »Linux Mint selecting and featuring some of my photographs as wallpapers in several releases. I hope you enjoy them. They, along with many more from other talented photographers, are available in the Mint repositories. Newest on top, explore to the bottom for some fun.

Linux Mint 20 "Ulyana"
• 'Dew Drop' - a very recent picture taken on the dew-drenched morning in May. I used a Canon 6D and MP-65 macro lens to get in nice and close, hand-held.

LM 20 Ulyana

Linux Mint 19.3 "Tricia"
• 'Daisy' - an oldie, but happy to see it used in Mint. The flowers close up at night, caught it half curled up. My kids were so much younger when I took this picture while waiting for them at Badminton.

LM 19.3 Tricia

Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina"
• 'Blossoms' - there is a week or two in Spring when the decorative cherry trees put on an overwhelming show in pink. And then they are all gone and the leaves take over for the Summer.
• 'Hamilton Gardens' - The Gardens are expanding with many new themed areas, but the Italian Renaissance is an old favourite. Even after countless visits I still find new angles and interest. Worth a visit if you are ever in Hamilton, NZ.
• 'Tawhai Falls' - This is a picturesque 13m high waterfall located a few minutes walk from the main road which goes up to the big »Chateau Tongariro Hotel at the foot of Ruapehu. Fast flowing, ice cold mountain water.

LM 19.2 Tina

Linux Mint 19.1 "Tessa"
• 'Hamilton Gardens' - the international award-winning top attraction for Hamilton, NZ. This image comes from my favourite of the themed gardens, the "Italian Renaissance Garden".
• 'Te Parapara' - This is the perimeter fence of another of the themed gardens in Hamilton Gardens. It features local Maori argiculture and building. The yellow Kowhai blooms attract the Tui, a beautiful bird.
• 'Thunderbird' - a detail from a 1962 Ford Thunderbird, taken while out and about. NZ is a car enthusiast's heaven. Hamilton has its own Classic Car Museum.

LM 19.1 Tessa

Linux Mint 19 "Tara"
• 'Manuwatu' - a photo along the Manuwatu River, processed via a mobile app, then returned to laptop for further work.
• 'Abstraction' - strangely enough, this began as another image from the same trip to the Manuwatu River!

LM 19 Tara

Linux Mint 18.3 "Sylvia"
• 'Purple', 'Red' and 'Turquoise' - three of my "Oil on Water" macro photos. The experts don't recommend hand-holding a MPe-65 lens. Challenge accepted.

LM 18.3 Sylvia

Linux Mint 18.2 "Sonya"
• 'Petal' - a detail from a Gerbera Daisy with just the very tip in focus. Less is more.

LM 18.2 Sonya

Linux Mint 18.0 "Sarah"
• 'Contemplation' - a scene from the Japanese theme garden in Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton, NZ.
• 'Dandelion' - inspired by a 'Two Wings' wallpaper, I soon made about a dozen of my own such macro photos.
• 'Full Moon' - a composite image of the full moon and Pirongia, a dormant volcanic mountain near Hamilton, NZ.
• 'Tiny Pair' - the magic world of macro. Two humble little lawn weed flowers posed for their portraits.
• 'Wave' - taken one evening up in Paihia, Northland, NZ. The lower light meant I could drag the shutter as the wave receded.

LM 18.0 Sarah

Linux Mint 17.3 "Rosa"
• 'Beach Sunset' - Ruapuke beach near Raglan, NZ. This is a very isolated place with treacherous rip tides, but beautiful sunsets.
• 'Daffodils' - taken one August (daffodil season) in Hamilton during 'blue hour'.
• 'Electric Apple' - some fun with a real apple and LED flashlight, image virtually as-is from camera.

LM 17.3 Rosa

A Mint user who upcycled a 2007 MacBook to Linux Mint 18 sent me the image below of my 'Electric Apple' as his wallpaper of choice. A most fitting and apt choice! Not something I anticipated when making the image.

truly electric Apple