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Photographs of Places & Nature &c

I love landscapes in scenic places and any Nature pics, macros, etc. My biggest problem is getting stuck behind the keyboard in my dark little office - especially in Winter - and not going out enough to the aforementioned scenic wonderlands and places. A lot of them are over 4 hours away or in South Island, which may as well be the Moon.

For 2020, Covid-19 shook up any and all hopes. I had a great plan to get the autumn leaves at a certain waterfall just 20 minutes drive away. It was all closed, so maybe 2021.

If you are in New Zealand (shipping overseas is impractical in terms of sheer cost), drop me a line to order photos as canvas (or faux canvas) prints. I have a few in stock too, recently returned from a Cafe where they were on display. Pick-ups can be arranged. The A2 prints come with either black or white (depending on availablity) display frames.

Prices in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Shipping is $20 on top anywhere in New Zealand.

¤ 30x30cm / 12x12" [$50 ea]

These make a lovely triptych, [$130] if sold together. And as they are 360 worlds, which edge is "up" is entirely your choice.

¤ 40x50cm / 16x20" [$90 ea]

¤ 50x76cm 20x30" [$140 ea]
[20x30 by Moon] [20x30 Abstract]

¤ A2 framed prints [$60 ea]
[A2 John] [A2 Revelation] [detail]


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