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[camera] One thing with film, and especially E6 (slide), is that you had to nail the exposure. Every click was money and slide film helped to hone skills. On the C41 film side, back in those days, a wedding was very much a miss-no-shot affair, with spool changes carefully timed to the proceedings. And it all had to fit on three 36exp spools (with a fourth spool in the bag, in case). There was almost zero margin for error.

Digital has brought in a generation of shooters (not photographers) who machinegun their way through the day and come away from an event or wedding with half to a dozen memory cards full. And who is going to sort 100 'good' photos from that lot? It is improving in recent years as many of the YouTube 'experts' are coaching the spray-and-pray masses to "think before you click."

Nowadays I shoot mostly for myself. Landscapes (this is New Zealand, though not the scenic South Island), macro, a few people sessions, the occasional passports or portraits, and so on.

The odd event comes along, but I find they hardly ever have planned a budget. Chips and sodas aren't free, haircuts aren't free, fuel isn't free… so? People forget that photographic equipment is not free. Nor is my time. Read the FAQ.

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