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Recent Projects

Some of the projects that have kept me busy over the last while.

Yet another revamp of my website just rolled out in November 2020. Over time I'm always tinkering. For example, I spent most of the Christmas holidays in 2015 poring over books to understand responsive design - which now I can whip up on demand. I also recently revamped other sites which I support - like my wife's business and the car club. I try to re-use my models when it makes sense, so the websites look very similar in style.

And my style, is my style. I have searched high and low and actually do not like some of the 'modern templates' which lean 99.6% on huge frameworks. What you see here is hand-coded, lean, fast. Components like the menu are scripted so they live in one place only.

[badge] With the Car Club turning 25, October saw the celebrations happen. These were moved by a month due to CV-19. But the "project" goes back quite far for me. About 3 years ago I started planning artwork and a year ago got onto the sub-committee for the 25th. I designed the logo / badge artwork for the special 25th anniversary badge, which went on merchandise, etc. I was also involved in scanning old material and generally herding processes in the background. It all was a success.

And of course I took photos all weekend long at the three big events we had. The results are on the Club »website.

Now that the children are adults, my wife Colleen has taken up proofreading and copy editing as a small business called »WordWyze. That quickly expanded into helping authors to getting their books physically published.

Below are just three examples where I created the covers. For "Dreaming of Thee" I took photos of the original WW2 letters and other artefacts. We got permission to use the photo with "Undercover", but I added much to complete an integrated cover. With "A Kiwi in Pang" besides assembling the cover I found a most apt font too, which was a big bonus.

And by cover that means the back and the spine too. They all have to be pixel perfect for the printers. Colleen does the text content wrestling and inside layouts, which is a far more monumental task.

For creating the "3D" display books, I wrote a script (and did all the maths behind it). It uses some fairly obscure parts of the imagemagick suite.

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