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Older Projects

Over the years there are innumerable projects. I'm sure I have even forgotten many by now.

Several websites for people - some deployed, others not. Among these a quick website for a Lego group to get started with, and a get back online website for a someone I met via the car club. I have since handed off the reigns on both.

For 2016 and 2017, I created an A4 calendar for the Car Club. Enough were sold to just break even. It is a lot of work, plus I landed up being the lone saleman.

In 2014 while we went on the first proper family vacation in years, we missed the coldest week at home, and the recording of a CD by some of the folks at the church we went to at that time. When we got back there came a sudden request for help. In something like 4 days I created all the artwork for the CD itself, the case and the insert booklet.

Round TUIT So I'm going to share a little secret on how I actually get all these projects completed so efficiently.
I have … a Round-TUIT.