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Future Projects and Plans

One has to have something ahead to aim for. Here are some projects and plans that are on the whiteboard.

🌻 I have scouted out a rather interesting potential 'lone tree', but this is a day trip at minimum, possibly an overnighter. But I also have reservations…
I am all for travelling and exploring, but honestly the internet has popularised many previously great, even secret spots and reduced them to a jostling-line of eager photosnappers. Two examples from the thousands:
Mesa Arch, USA link to »fstoppers.
Wanaka Tree, NZ link to »stuff(nz).
And what really kills my travel bug is vandals ruining some of these places. Just go search for [vandals ruin landmark] and get ready to be angry. Very angry. Rocks, trees, monuments, history - nothing is sacred to scum. So photographing a nice new place carries a great risk of exposing it to damage and overcrowding. Take for instance the "Brocolli Tree" on »petapixel.

Mesa Arch, USA - photo: Thomas Heaton

Wanaka Tree, NZ - photo: Eddie Spearing

Brocolli Tree - photo: Patrik Svedberg

Brocolli Tree - vandalised!

🌺 I have been considering a 3-5 day trip to S.Island - something around the Invercargill area for the aurora. You would think after 2020 the "tourist operators" as a recovery plan would offer incentives or discounts for citizens, but no. So maybe they must just starve out before I go.

🌹 One project that has long been wanted and has sat on the backburner is a Shopping Cart. I would likely prototype it here on my own site first. 'In theory' I have all the pieces, but to sit down and wrestle the code until it works is another matter.
And as always it would be my 'shopping cart' - no credit cards or online payment - just an email to place the order and giving the details for bank payment.