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〖 Thu 18-Jul-2024 〗
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Working on night sky knowledge ahead of the »T Coronae Borealis nova…
Manjaro has refreshed ISOs, Mint 22 beta released…
July has been so foggy and dismal that I hardly bother with a camera…

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urban reflection
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the receding tide
3 / 12
mountain range
4 / 12
retro railway running
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leaves on the water
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ISS (Zarya) overhead
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a visiting kingfisher
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dusk spectacle at the beach
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rushing waters
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old windows
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strange waters
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mushroom in a reserve

I am a photographer and designer based in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Welcome to one of the rare spa pools of the internet. As you have stepped inside of this safe space, you can breathe freely and take refuge from all those other websites that constantly run advertising and monetisation in your face. Treat you eyes as you take in some photos, and pick up some Linux love on other pages. I invite you to return here as often as you please. ALL VISITORS HUMAN AND ROBOTIC ACCEPT: Legal Notice - it is forbidden to copy, scan, scrape, collect or use any content on this websites including but not restricted to articles, text, photographs or images for use with any AI or similar technology, in any way whatsoever, at any time in the past, present or future. The same applies to scraping for illegal resale or abuse of content in any form whatsoever.

A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know. ~ Diane Arbus

I've been involved with Unix and later Linux since 1990. I've been taking photos for at least 15 years longer than that. In the film days I had Pentax kit, was an early adopter of digital with a Sony Mavica - yes the one with a 3.5" diskette and horrid 640x480 pixel JPG files. I moved up to a Canon dSLR, but also use Panasonic for a daily carry. The EOS equipment gets used for more purposeful work, though many of my favourites are taken on the seemingly lesser camera. I shoot landscapes, macro and almost anything interesting. I used to do weddings (too stressful as I get older) and still make portraits, family and individual photos or passport shots. I design websites and graphics, logos and book covers. I try to re-use older computers, especially with Linux where I recommend Mint (derived from Debian and Ubuntu) and also run Manjaro and others from the Arch Linux family for myself. With my career background in IT systems and databases, I have worked in Pascal, C, Fortran, SQL, Informix 4GL, Oracle, mySQL, Perl and Python. I am also adept in Unix/Linux shell scripting, and the HTML / CSS / Javascipt / PHP web development world. Linux Mint had historically featured some of my images as wallpapers in several of their distro releases between 2017 and 2021. My Canon EOS and Panasonic Lumix get a good workout.